Univesity : Jordan University of Science and Technology

Jordan Science and Technology is one of the Jordanian state universities that is distinguished by teaching scientific, medical and engineering specialties. Northern Jordan is located in the city of Irbid. 70 km north of Amman and 17 km east of Irbid. Initially, the university was part of Yarmouk University and in 1986 it became an institution of higher education. Its first president was Dr. Kamel Al-Ajlouni. Since then, it has expanded significantly from five colleges to 12 colleges at present.

The area of ​​the University is 11 km2. It has many modern buildings, research centers, restaurants and terraces, and a football stadium for about 7,000 spectators. It is also administratively followed by King Abdullah University Hospital and from the south side includes an industrial lake, as well as large areas of olive groves and some farms that are related to the practical application of some faculties such as the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

Specialization : postgraduate