Univesity : Al-Hussein Bin Talal University

Al-Hussein Bin Talal University established in 1999 by Royal Decree  It is a Jordanian independent higher education institution whose philosophy is based on excellence by contributing to national development in its scientific, economic and social aspects, in particular the educational and economic sectors in the southern region of the Kingdom The needs of qualified cadres in various fields and respond to the environment surrounding the university through the introduction of specializations and programs such as mining and mineral environments in Ma'an, the effects and tourism in Petra, the marine environment in Aqaba, in addition to The project has been changed in 2005 from the center of the city of Ma'an to the area of ​​Azhar, which is 214 km away from Oman where the classrooms have been developed. The University has received a strong demand from students outside the province in a remarkable manner during the recent period has been introduced New buildings within the campus in 2008, and the number of students until 2010 (7100 students) and the ratio of the number of students to teachers 1:30 and grant a bachelor's and master's degree and contains the library of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, which includes most of the world references.

Specialization : Bachelors degree

Faculty of Educational Sciences
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Business and Economics
Faculty of Archeology, Tourism and Hotel Management
Princess Aisha Bint Al Hussein Nursing College