Univesity : Al-Balqa Applied University

Al-Balqa Applied University  is a Jordanian public university located in ِAL-Salt, 47 km from the capital Amman. The Royal Decree was issued to establish Al-Balqa Applied University on August 22, 1996 and began teaching in the academic year 1997/1998.

 The university specializes in scientific disciplines, as the university was a group of scattered colleges and then merged into a university by royal decree. The university has about 21,000 students. It has many faculties in almost all of the Kingdom's 18 governorates (6 on campus and 12 in the Kingdom).

Specialization : bachelor

Business Management
Banking and Finance
Project planning and management
Management information systems
Accounting Information Systems
Computer graphic and animation
Information security and electronic space Computer science
Computer Information Systems
Software Engineering
Plant production and protection
Water resources and environment management
Nutrition and food processing
Agricultural biotechnologies
Doctor of Medicine
Medical tests Mathematics
Computer Engineering
Electrical Power Engineering
Space Engineering and Geometrics
Materials Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering