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School of English

Cavendish School of English is very proud of the high standards of our English language courses that we offer. All of our teachers are qualified professionals who are also very friendly and approachable, and really want to help you make the most of your time at our language school.

Top reasons why you should choose Cavendish School of English

Family-run business with a caring and supportive environment.
We strive to ensure that our students are happy and relaxed. Getting to know each student by their name regardless of the group size is a priority for us. We are a family-run business with 6 family members actively involved with the day-to-day running of the school and we personally take responsibility for each student. We also have a Welfare Officer who is entirely dedicated to looking after Cavendish students.


Specialization : English Language

Cavendish School of English

 Offer different type of courses to help people how aim to improve there English 

Cavendish School of English courses :

Why learn English in Bournemouth?

Full immersion is the best way to learn a new language. Study English in England, surround yourself with English people and their culture and you’ll be on the fast track to success.

Language classes are with qualified and experienced English teachers.

As well as focusing on the core skills of grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, classes are also designed to help students communicate well in everyday situations.

At Cavendish School of English we have a wide range of teaching materials, modern teaching methodology and technology to ensure that your learning experience is engaging and effective.

Cavendish also offer a conversation club to help students master the art of informal communication.


Accommodation offers you a choice of modern and comfortable residence accommodation in the centre of Bournemouth or, if you prefer 100% English immersion, you can stay with one of our carefully selected home stay providers.

Junior Courses

The language classes are held by dynamic and friendly language teachers and offer a good opportunity to deepen students language skills. Each student will certainly get to know new words or new grammatical subtleties in addition to the improvement of communication skills. The lessons at Cavendish aren’t the same as learning at home, emphasis is on practical skills and the class sizes are smaller than at home (Bournemouth: max. 15 students per class – Can be 16 on the first day of the course). Also, the teaching methods at Cavendish School of English are focused on the fun of learning. For example, games are a great way to encourage students when speaking in a foreign language.